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Exquisitely handcrafted redwood songbird seed-feeders with nature inspired, double-etched glass panels. Top slides up for easy filling and cleaning. Unique design keeps seed inside and safe from the elements. Removable redwood perch makes cleaning a snap. Proudly made in the USA.
The songbird collection is one of our first feeders. They have a top- loading hopper that is easy to fill and clean because of the removable perch and drain holes located in the bowl. The glass sides reveal how much seed remains. It makes a beautiful addition to any yard!
Did you know? A single brown bat can consume up to a thousand mosquitoes per hour! More and more people are discovering the advantages of providing housing for bats. Our bat houses combine artistry and science, providing a safe haven for bats in a handsomely crafted garden accent. We Need The Bees! In the last few years, the honeybee population has plummeted from an onslaught of foreign mites and viruses. The Orchard Mason Bee population has not been affected and is the planet's most effective pollinator. Mason Bees are unable to tunnel holes for their nests - they rely on existing holes of the right size. By providing nesting sites, we can help these bees fulfill their life's mission, while they provide us with better quality gardens and crops. Humans need butterflies! Often unnoticed, they play an important role in maintaining the balance of nature and health of the living world. Butterflies pollinate wild plants and our crops, ensuring the production of seeds and fruits required for the continued survival of plants and animals, including humans. Due to their fragility to ecological change, butterflies are elegant indicators of ecosystem health.
Our beautiful faceted hummingbird feeders are one of our best sellers because of their brilliant colors and contemporary, artistic look. Finely crafted copper base allows hummingbird to perch or hover while feeding through open cut sunlit ruby red flower ports. It is easy to fill and clean, leak free. Comes with nectar recipe. Our faceted glass hummingbird feeders have a patented design. Don’t let the “copy –cats” fool you.
Our classic hummingbird feeders are available in a variety of colors, unetched, smooth, or with a variety of etching designs. These are definitely some of our best selling feeders that are truly breathtaking!
Made from imported French bottles, these jewels are unetched in order to create a sleek, contemporary look. The kiln-fired, colored glass is "lustered" giving each feeder an iridescent sheen that changes in the light.
Artfully simple, these etched feeders create a contemporary look to any outdoor garden setting. The shimmering, kiln-fired glass has an iridescent sheen.